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Each one of us is being affected by this global pandemic to a greater or lesser degree and it is more than ever, at times like these, that we need to come together as a society to help each other and try to make a difference.

In Seaya Ventures we are grateful and humbled to be witnessing first-hand our start-ups’ relentless efforts to put into place initiatives to help alleviate and counteract some of the effects of this crisis in people’s lives.

Initiatives within the Seaya Ventures Portfolio

Savana launches the first international study on COVID-19 based on Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing

Savana has launched the first international study on COVID-19 based on Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NLP). This study has been identified by the European Commission as a potential contributor in the fight against pandemics like COVID-19.

The study aims to define clinical characteristics and predictive factors on COVID-19 patients’ evolution based on aspects and variables that can only be obtained from the free text of Electronic Health Records. The results will foster the improvement of the clinical management of patients and the optimization of healthcare resources.

First results from the third’s most affected region in Spain (2M inhabitants) point out how the lack of mass testing has conditioned the reality of the data. As an example of this, the real percentage of COVID-19 deaths is significantly lower (1.7%) than the figure provided by the Spanish authorities (11%), and comparable to the one provided by northern European countries where more testing has been carried out. Furthermore, Savana has been able to obtain a reliable prediction model for patients requiring Intensive Care Units that will be published in the coming weeks.

Jorge Tello, CEO and co-founder of Savana, explains «our mission to put technology at the service of research and healthcare systems around the world has never made so much sense as it does now. Following our mission, this is our opportunity and responsibility to make a real impact on society and accelerate health science. Our daily work can not only change the way research is done, but it can also save lives».

More information about the study and upcoming results will be made available at the Big COVIData Savana website.

Glovo offers its logistics platform to help NGOs and Government Agencies

Glovo is supporting NGOs and Government Agencies worldwide by offering its last-mile delivery platform to fulfill logistics requirements in their fight against the covid-19 crisis. All the initiatives the company is supporting can be seen at the Glovo Social site. Glovo has even put together a specific team to push all of these partnerships.

In Spain the company has already fulfilled almost 3,000 deliveries in the first week of the campaign. Among the initiatives supported, Glovo has delivered food for senior citizens through the Esplai foundation; fulfilled free deliveries of health products for Qida, specialized in home-care; delivered 3D masks to hospitals in Madrid and Barcelona through Covid Makers. Glovo has also delivered food to health workers through spontaneous initiatives like Food for Good financed by DKV or Health Warriors, as well as the foodbanks FESBAL and NGO Social Fooding. Finally, all deliveries of Pharmaceutical products are free throughout the 80 Spanish cities where Glovo operates.

Beyond Spain, Glovo has partnered with relevant companies such as Kaufland in Romania or VISA in Georgia to sponsor social initiatives. Glovo is also collaborating with this Global UNICEF campaign to help kids get through this crisis.

Sacha Michaud, Glovo Co-Founder, explains that “this set of actions is a clear reflection of Glovo’s desire to collaborate with public-private entities. Glovo is becoming an essential player to support institutions and companies with the aim of maximizing aid to society in its fight against Covid-19”.

These initiatives are just the start for Glovo. The company is still looking for more initiatives where it can make a difference. If you know of any, do not hesitate to write to this Social Impact email address and see whether Glovo can help in any way.

Cabify offers free mobility services for Madrid’s healthcare professionals

Within the framework of the ‘Cabify for Heroes’ campaign, the leading ride-hailing company has rolled out a free mobility scheme for healthcare professionals who are providing domestic care to those in need because of the coronavirus crisis. This project has been first activated in Madrid where there are 44 medical centers in the city area, particularly hard-hit by the COVID-19.

According to the agreement reached between Cabify and the regional government, the latter will partly cover the cost of the service and the Spanish mobility company will take care of the rest. “Our aim is to highlight the work of the real heroes, the healthcare professionals of our country, who fill us with great pride and are carrying out an outstanding job,” said Mariano Silveyra, VP Public Affairs of Cabify. The company is already working towards expanding this project to other cities.

Additionally, Cabify has donated 25,000 units of their iconic cartoon packs of water to the IFEMA Hospital, also in Madrid, as a few weeks ago the company decided to remove them from their cars as well as temporarily suspend cash payments in Spain to promote social distancing.

Cabify has also been supporting its team by generating internal engagement with the initiative #WeAreAllTogether to reinforce connection and support during these days. Additionally, the company has implemented the Solidarify program, a special channel that Cabify employees can activate in order to receive support and care when facing special difficulties.

Wallbox is refocusing its resources to produce reusable masks

Wallbox is applying its technical knowledge and industrial capabilities to expand the impact of its resources. At the moment, Wallbox is working on two projects to produce reusable face masks using their installed manufacturing capabilities. HP is coordinating one of these projects while the other is Wallbox’s own initiative.

BEWE has built BEWE Home, which allows wellness centers to generate income through online classes

Seeing that wellness centers have had to close due to COVID-19, BEWE got to work and built in record time its new feature BEWE Home. BEWE Home allows wellness centers to keep offering its classes to customers through digital platforms, generating much needed income for these small businesses. To support wellness centers in these uncertain times, BEWE is offering the platform for free.

Biome Makers is developing its own Covid-19 diagnostic test and has delivered essential protective material

Biome Makers, a company that develops microbial intelligence for soil testing, is developing its own testing solution to detect Covid-19 positives. The DNA-based test could diagnose both if the patients currently have Covid-19 as well as if they have had the illness in the past. Through this initiative Biome will alleviate current medical testing bottlenecks. Furthermore, the company has donated essential protective masks and gloves to health institutions in Spain.

The Hotels Network builds a platform to help hotels overcome the Covid-19 crisis 

The Hotels Network, a company that offers hotels an ecosystem of tools to boost their direct booking business, is committed to doing its part to support hoteliers. In order to help them make the best decisions for their hotel, it has published this dedicated webpage with market data and insights related to the impact of COVID-19 on the hospitality industry. This tool covers: (i) Charts and maps visualizing current hotel booking trends globally; (ii) Best practices to hold their ground during these difficult times; (iii) Trusted industry sources for the latest COVID-19 updates.

Seaya Ventures collaborates with Cristina Oria to support Madrid’s IFEMA Hospital

Seaya Ventures has collaborated with Cristina Oria, one of Spain’s most renowned caterers, in its initiative to support the hospital built in Madrid’s IFEMA, where thousands of Covid-19 patients are being taken care of. Cristina Oria is delivering food, blankets, protective material and all kinds of essential needs.

The campaign is still ongoing if anyone wishes to participate. All the details are in this Gofundme campaign.