Our sustainability commitment

Since we started investing in 2013, we have backed founders and tech companies that have a mission that goes beyond financials. On top of making the world a better place, these companies are more resilient, attract better talent, and provide a better financial return for investors.

Seaya Andromeda

Seaya’s sustainability commitment has recently entered a new chapter with the launch of Seaya Andromeda, an Article 9 €300M venture capital fund that will promote a sustainable and healthy society by reducing waste and pollution, through investments in top European tech-driven companies focusing on GreenTech, Circular Economy and AgriTech & Sustainable Food Value Chain

Sustainability Strategy


We look for mission driven founders and teams that share our values, with high standards and looking both for prosperity and purpose.

Trends & Sectors

Solving real problems in sectors with high social and environmental impact like: Mobility, GreenTech, Healthcare, Circular Economy, AgriTech & Sustainable Food Value Chain, Decarbonization, Fintech, Proptech, Industry Tech and Content, among others.

Our Process

Our investment process follows ESG best practices which allow us to maximize both financial returns and social and environmental impacts.

A Measurable Impact

In addition to top quartile returns, we have measurable outcomes in social inclusion, job creation and reduction of environmental footprint.

Responsible Investment

We believe in companies working with sustainable behaviors, striving to make the world a better place and creating long-term value for society. That is why integrating responsible investment policies in our processes came so naturally.

Selected Case Studies

Bringing societal impact to markets

Clarity AI

Purpose: Clarity provides the necessary data insights and tools to help organisations measure their social impact and helps investors build and manage their bespoke impact-investment portfolios.


  • Promote sustainable investments with high positive social impact
  • Provide a neutral ESG rating and help out investment managers measure the ESG impact of their portfolio
  • Optimize social impact & transparency


  • ESG assets may hit $53 trillion by 2025, a third of global AUM
  • Clarity analyzes data from +30k companies, +200k funds, 198 countries and 187 local governments, providing +1,000 sustainability indicators

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Smart charging and energy
management solutions


Purpose: Wallbox creates smart charging and energy management solutions that combine innovative technology with outstanding design, facilitating the adoption of electric vehicles today to make more sustainable use of energy tomorrow.


  • Facilitate the adoption of electric vehicles
  • Charge smartly and efficiently electric vehicles
  • Promote more sustainable use of energy


  • During 2020, more than 50 million tonnes of carbon-dioxide equivalent of GHC emissions were saved by use of EVs
  • Global electric car stock reached 10 million units in 2020 and is expected to reach 40 million units by 2025
  • Wallbox has sold +100k EV chargers since inception and has accumulated +4.3m of charging sessions

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Enabling Global
Sustainable Farming

Biome Makers

Purpose: Biome Makers (BMK) enables sustainable farming by helping farmers measure the impact of their farming practices on the soil’s health and the earth’s climate.


  • Grow crops sustainably and increase soil’s productivity
  • Promote the use of ecological products and crops vs. chemical fertilizers
  • Reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere by increasing soil absorption


  • 70% more food production needed to feed the 9.7bn global population by 2050. We lose 50,000 m2 of arable land annually; larger than Switzerland
  • Agriculture contributes to 23% of greenhouse gas emissions
  • BMK has improved the health of 19,500 hectares of soil; the size of 20,000 football pitches
  • Carbon sequestration of BMK clients’ farms has increased by 15.6Tn CO2; the equivalent of an 800-tree forest’s sequestration

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Transform Electronic Medical Records into deep Real-World Evidence


Purpose: Savana grants medical institutions the power to unlock clinical value trapped in electronic records to improve healthcare research


  • Integrate and digitalize medical data in order to extract conclusions and facilitate medical diagnosis
  • Improve the pharmaceutical research process
  • Optimize hospitals management


  • $44Bn spent in clinical trials every year with very low use of technology
  • Savana is serving over 160+ Healthcare providers in 15 countries and 5 languages
  • The company has read 400,000 concepts and improved 6 clinical practices

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